People Are Sharing Crazy Life Hacks, And They’re Just Too Shitty.

How people use thair mind to live life simply and freely. We at Erudite blog gathered few funny and Crazy Life hacks pics people shared. They showing there are creative minds and handle every part with Substitute things.

Crazy Life hacks

1. Dont buy new socks use a permanent marker instead


2. Sneak a chocolate into American movie theaters with this trick




3. Cut your tennis balls in half to store two more balls in each can saving space



4. Tired Of Ironing Your Shirts Get fat and Watch Those Creases Vanish


Use A Toilet Seat To Put Your Plate On While Watching TV

5. Use A Toilet Seat To Put Your Plate On While Watching TV



6. Use duct tape and fork when there’s no spoon in the office



7. Use Laptop Chargers to Heat-up Snacks



8.Use the metal part of your seat belt to open beers while driving



9. Magnify Your Phones Screen By Putting it in a glass of water



10. Use Your Hood as a Bowl For Popcorns



11. Want free electricity plug a surge protector into itself for infinite power



12. Save time by adding toothpaste to your food #Crazy, #Life, #People, #Photography


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